Total Personal Training Solution

As the name suggests, this personal training program is a total fitness solution. With two sessions per week, technically you wouldn't have to do anything more than this. All you will have to do apart from this program is to stay active during the week and be sensible with your diet. We can even help you with that.

What people are saying about the Total Personal Training Solution

  • Patrick is experienced and well informed in fitness and knew exactly what I needed for maximizing my strengths and minimizing my weaknesses. He gave me varied and interesting programs to make exercise fun. I achieved my goals much faster than I thought possible, and went on to complete a physical fitness assessment for a job application with flying colours. I feel better than I did 20 years ago. Helen Travers

  • I am a busy health professional and since purchasing my own practice about 18 months ago, I have really let myself go in terms of my health. My busy lifestyle has meant that my diet and exercise has suffered. As a result, I am almost 15kg above my ideal weight. I have been working with Patrick for a while now and his professional yet fun attitude has been a real motivating factor for me during our sessions. I have achieved excellent results so far as a direct result of his personal training. However, what impressed me most was the general and broad advice he gave that I can implement into my daily lifestyle which meant weight loss and fitness for me extends well past our weekly sessions. Nauv

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