Personal Training Program

The Personal Training Program is a very popular way to control weight and shape up. During the majority of training workouts, we'll concentrate on building muscle, which will increase your metabolism and give you a tighter, toned look. Some additional cardio exercise is required, but you can decide on the activity to burn the calories.

What people are saying about the Personal Training Program

  • I have been working with Patrick for over 12 months now and have seen amazing results from our weekly strength training sessions. I have lost near on 20 kgs but more importantly have seen fantastic changes to my body. The sessions are fun with a variety of exercises so I never get bored. When I started with Patrick I told him that I would quit if he ever made me run! He has kept his promise and never made me run BUT I now go running about 2 times a week on my own accord! Who would have know… do yourself a favour and call today for a truly life changing experience. Andrew Mullaly

  • Right from the start, Patrick impressed me with his friendly professional manner - an approach that not only gained my confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. I needed a regular exercise routine that would keep me healthy both physically and mentally. By partnering with Patrick, I have been able to get the variety and support I need to keep me motivated, healthy, and in control of my busy lifestyle. Andrea Vogler

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